100% biodegradable

Our company produces a composite packaging bag made of PLA+PBAT made from whole plant fiber. Inside the package is a compostable, degradable PLA composite film with kraft paper on the outside. The air valve and zipper are made of PLA material also. A true 100% fully degradable package.

How the cycle degradable of the packaging bags? Let’ s check the below picture :


The raw material PLA+PBAT ALLOY SESIN possesses the characteristic of full biodegradability and compostability as well as excellent mechanical properties , well suited for production of blown films.

Biobased plastics PLA film, contain both renewable and fossil-fuel-based carbon.  Made of natural. Made of natural raw material, primarily corn and yam starch, are carbon-neutral . It means that the quantity of carbon dioxide released when incinerated is up to 68% less than conventional plastics. Increase the renewable content of your products by up to 64% , meet the standard ASTMD 6866(bio material content) reduce carbon .


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