Biodegradable Bag–White Pollution Terminator Release Time

Biodegradable Bag–White Pollution Terminator Release Time

First of all, the degradable plastic bag we call is not a product that can disappear naturally. The so-called degradation requires various external conditions, such as: suitable temperature, humidity, microorganisms and a certain period of time. When used within the valid period, its safety is no problem, and the pulling force and bearing capacity are good. It does not degrade or disappear naturally even after its shelf life, but its usability has changed over time.

Generally speaking, it is completely okay to match the shelf life of the installed product. Therefore, everyone should stop worrying about the problem of “I put my product in a biodegradable bag, what should I do if the bag degrades”, the existence of anything must have its value and reason.

The advantages of biodegradable bags:

Degradable plastics can be degraded by the action of microorganisms existing in nature in nature such as soil, sandy soil, freshwater environment, seawater environment, specific conditions such as composting conditions or anaerobic digestion conditions, and completely degraded into carbon dioxide (CO2) or / and methane (CH4), water (H2O) and plastics containing original mineralized inorganic salts and new biomass (such as microbial tetras, etc.).

Degradable plastics have opened up a new cycle of waste plastics to plastic raw materials, and almost no pollution is generated, becoming an important means to solve the problem of white pollution.

Lida packaging biodegradable bags are made of PBAT, PLA, corn starch ingredients, scientifically proportioned according to the principle of biodegradation, and made by specific technology. It can be 100% degraded in 3-6 months under controlled composting conditions. The degraded products are water, carbon dioxide and organic fertilizer, which will not pollute the soil and the environment. Truly fully biodegradable, it truly protects the environment!

Action proposal: Only by doing our best to deal with customer needs can we make perfect packaging products and win the trust of more customers.
In the future, we will thoroughly implement the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, continue to uphold the tenet of “customer, quality, reputation”, and strive forward! In order to protect the earth and jointly protect our refueling, please take action and use more degradable plastic bags in your daily life!

Post time: Mar-28-2022


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