Fully degradable air valve developed successfully and expanded mass production by OEMY company.

Before, air valves made of food grade PE, although meeting food safety requirements, are difficult to degrade after being discarded. In order to achieve full degradation of food bags such as coffee bags, we require full degradation of every detail of the bags.
However, injection molding a fully degradable air valve with a compostable degradable material PLA is not an easy task. Since the rheological properties of PLA are inferior to those of PE, the melting value is relatively low, which makes it difficult to injection mold. After many months of trials, our company finally developed a fully degradable bag valve by applying the compostable material PLA. At the same time, our old customers know the news are also very happy, and timely placed an order of 200,000pcs fully degradable packaging bags with biodegradable air valves. Fully degradable air valves are now mass produced and applied to bags in batches.
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Post time: Oct-09-2019


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