Home compostable coffee bags

As one of the three major beverages in the world, coffee consumes a large amount of flexible packaging in this industry. Most coffee bags are still traditional plastic and paper composites. This packaging bag cannot be degraded after being discarded, polluting the environment. Now more and more coffee bean roasters and wholesalers are looking for an environmentally friendly solution to replace the original plastic packaging bags.


With the invention and production of some biodegradable and home compostable films, which can replace plastics in the flexible packaging industry, this is exciting news. More and more coffee traders are switching to home compostable flexible bags. Home compostable packaging bags can be degraded in the soil after the product is discarded after use, and the water and carbon dioxide that become soil are absorbed by plants.

OEMY Environmental Friendly Packaging Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the customization and production of home compostable and degradable packaging bags since 2017. We help more and more companies realize the conversion of environmentally friendly packaging. Using household biodegradable environmentally friendly packaging bags, coffee bean traders no longer have to worry about their products manufacturing more and more items that pollute the environment.

Post time: Jun-14-2023


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