How to buy food packaging bags correctly?

With the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for food are naturally higher and higher. In addition to three meals a day, the consumption of snacks across the country is also amazing.
From morning to night, we will consume a lot of food throughout the day, and there are food packaging bags everywhere. At the same time, as more and more people fall in love with baking and cooking, the individual buying groups of food packaging bags continue to increase. However, many friends often misunderstand when buying and using food packaging bags. Today, Xinxingyuan Packaging will teach you how to get rid of misunderstandings and correctly choose and use food packaging bags.
1. Three mistakes in buying and using food packaging bags
1. Like to buy brightly colored food packaging bags
Food packaging bags have a variety of colors, and it is easy to be attracted by bright products when buying. However, the brighter the color of food packaging, the more additives. Therefore, it is recommended to use monochrome packaging bags for food packaging. Although the number of people watching sex is declining, But after all, it is something that comes into contact with the entrance, and safety is the most important thing.
2. Like to collect old food packaging bags for reuse
In order to save resources, many friends, especially the elderly, are accustomed to storing old food packaging bags. In fact, this conventional practice is very unhealthy and unwelcome.
3. The thicker the food packaging bag = the better
The greater the thickness of the food packaging bag, the better the quality? In fact, otherwise, packaging bags have strict standards, especially food packaging bags, and the quality of this standard is up to the standard regardless of the thickness.
Second, how to choose food packaging bags correctly
1. Don’t buy food with outer packaging and blurry printing. Secondly, print the transparent packaging bag by hand. If it is easy to change color, it means that its quality and material are not good. There are unsafe factors, so it cannot be purchased.
2. Smell the smell. Do not buy irritating and irritating food packaging bags.
3. Use white plastic bags to pack food.
Although it is recommended to use other environmentally friendly packaging instead of plastic packaging, it is recommended to avoid the use of red and black plastic bags as much as possible. Since colorful plastic bags may be produced using recycled materials or unsterilized natural materials and rough-processed products, they are prone to spoilage, mold, or contamination, which in turn will contaminate food.
4. Focus on food grade paper packaging
Paper packaging is the trend of future packaging. Recycled paper is a similarly colored plastic, so it must not be used in the food industry. For some reasons, ordinary paper will add additives, so be sure to look for food grade when buying food paper packaging.
How could “safety on the tongue” be sloppy? For health, please buy food packaging bags produced by regular manufacturers and approved by relevant departments.

Post time: Jul-31-2021


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