Influencing factors of coffee packaging in the process of circulation


The coffee varieties sold on the market mainly include whole coffee beans, coffee powder and instant coffee. Coffee usually passes

Fried ice is ground into powder and sold. The four major factors that affect coffee preservation include light, oxygen, humidity, and temperature.

Therefore, it is better to keep these four factors as low as possible during storage. The main quality change of coffee is aroma

The volatilization of ingredients and the changes of volatile ingredients caused by moisture and oxygen, as the aroma changes, coffee gradually

Gradually ages, spoils, and produces cocoa odor. At this time, it can be considered that the coffee has deteriorated and become invalid. The coffee storage environment

The increase in temperature and humidity will accelerate this deterioration.

Coffee is easy to volatilize and lose its aroma, and the oil and aroma components in it are susceptible to oxidation, especially when it gets wet.

Speed up its damage. Therefore, the coffee packaging must exclude oxygen, and must be isolated from the packaging

Emit aromatic ingredients and absorb peculiar smells from the outside world.

After opening the package, the coffee is exposed to the air, and its quality will soon drop. Fried and ground coffee

The coffee must be separated from the atmosphere to avoid the influence of outside oxygen, light and humidity, and it should be kept to a minimum

Reduce the loss of its internal components. Of course, the most ideal is to lower the storage temperature of coffee to slow down its biochemistry

Speed of reaction and volatilization, but refrigeration is commercially unrealistic. In addition, the coffee powder particles are hard and sharp

Sharp, the packaging material is required to have sufficient abrasion resistance and puncture strength.

Post time: Jan-06-2022


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