It’s time to change your plastic packaging bags to be biodegradable packaging bags.

Nowadays, plastic bags are already widely used, but its use has also caused great harm to our environment. So what harm does it have?

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Speaking of its greatest harm, it is the impact on agricultural development. Because the plastic products are continuously accumulated in the soil, which will directly affect the nutrients absorbed by the crops and lead to the reduction of crops. The second is that it causes a lot of damage to the growth of some animals. Abandoned waste plastic bags on land or in water, will be swallowed by some animals, which will directly lead to its death. Phenomenon, and its use will occupy a large open space, the occupied land will not be restored for a long time, affecting the sustainable use of land.

Many products in life require packaging bags, so there is an urgent need in the society to replace plastic bags with non-polluting and degradable packaging bags.

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OEMY Environmental Friendly Packaging Company, after several years of production reform and research, has successfully achieved the production of fully degradable packaging bags. Including accessories , such as air valves, zippers, etc., are made of fully biodegradable materials.

It’s time to change to your plastic packaging bag to be biodegradable packaging bags. Let us work together to improve the environment.

Welcome to contact OEMY to get your biodegradable packaging bags solutions.

Post time: Nov-05-2019


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