Oemy company has developed a unique child resistant zipper made of fully biodegradable materials.


Good News for everyone, Guangzhou Oemy Environmental friendly packaging company has successfully develop of child resistant zipper which made of fully biodegradeble materials, no harm to the environment.


The unique child resistant zipper, creates a secure closure the bag will not open by pulling apart both sides, to open the bag pull the lip of the orange zipper away from a white zipper.


The unique child resistant zipper is made of fully biodegradable materials, that is no harm for the environment.


Theses bags could be made with a metallized materials for the highest smell proof barrier.

Our unique child resistant zipper bags are certified lifetime child-resistant, making them ideal for packaging flower and edibles while the metallized smell. Proof barrier is designed to hold concentrates, and anything else that should be kept away from children.

Child resistant zipper can be used for all shapes of packaging bags, such as stand up pouch, square bottom eight side seal packaging, three-side seal packaging ect.

Welcome to give us a call or email for a custom quote be secure with life time child resistant zipper packaging.

Guangzhou Oemy Environmental Friendly Packaging Co., Ltd.

Email: admin@oempackagingbag.com

Tel  :+ 86-13711875799

Post time: Oct-20-2021


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