OEMY successfully developed VMPBAT

Good News, our company , OEMY Environmental Friendly Packaging Co.,Ltd has successful develop VMPBAT, which can be used in flexible packaging , with high barrier, well to pack any food products or other products.

Since its establishment, OEMY Environmental Friendly Packaging Company has been committed to the research, production and sales of fully degradable materials in the field of composite packaging bags. We are the first to realize the application of fully biodegradable film to composite packaging bags, and the first to realize fully biodegradable accessories such as zippers and air valves. With the demand for high barrier properties of packaging bags for more products, after the unremitting efforts of research staff, OEMY once again successfully synthesized VMPBAT. The replacement of VMPET by VMPBAT is very good news for customers who need high barrier packaging bags, and it is also good news to further promote environmental protection.