Production process of composite packaging bags

Composite packaging bag, also known as three-in-one composite bag, has become one of the popular and useful packaging materials because of its high strength, good waterproofness, and beautiful appearance. What is the production process of composite bags? The production process of composite bags is not a difficult process for manufacturers, but the staff should take it seriously. In the production process of composite bags, the following should be done:

1. Composite packaging bags are used for document typesetting (or supply sample bags,

2. Typesetting, admission, deposit and organization of production.
3. If you want to make a plate, you will have a machine cost. The production process of composite packaging bags is cumbersome. It is necessary to make plates and print on the machine.

Laminate twice with a laminating machine, then put it in a drying oven for 48 hours, cut with a slitting machine, and then make a bag

In bags, pass quality inspection and packaging. Each process is costly, labor-intensive, and time-consuming.

4. Before the composite packaging bag is printed, the printing factory will provide a color manuscript, and the color can be adjusted according to the color manuscript on site.

5. Compound packaging bag wet compounding method: Wet compounding method is also called wet laminating, and its process flow is:

One layer of substrate (such as plastic film, aluminum foil, etc.) is coated with a water-soluble or water-emulsion adhesive, and after extrusion, it is compounded with two layers of substrate (such as paper, cellophane, etc.). ) In the wet state, pass through the composite equipment, and then through the hot drying tunnel to remove the solvent, so that the two substrates are composited together.

6. Composite packaging bag coating method: refers to the method of coating a flowable substance on the outer surface of the film to make the outer surface of the film closely adhere to the surface film. It can improve the thermal adhesion, moisture resistance, gas insulation, ultraviolet absorption and antistatic properties of the film.

The so-called multi-layer composite bag or composite bag aluminum foil bag refers to a packaging material composed of two or more films, which can be plastic film, aluminum foil metal material, paper, etc. The essential difference between a composite bag and a single-layer bag is that the single-layer bag is made of a single layer of material, and the composite bag is made of two or more layers of material. Such as single-layer OPP bags, single-layer PE bags, composite OPP/PE bags, composite OPP/CPP bags, etc. , The aluminum foil bag of the composite bag needs higher technology and more advanced packaging machine.

Post time: Jun-07-2021


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