Scientists in the UK are using satellites to spot floating plastic pollution on our seas and coastal areas

Scientists in the UK are using satellites to spot floating plastic pollution on our seas and coastal areas. It’s hoped the data, collected from around 700 kilometers above the Earth’s surface, could help researchers answer questions about where plastic pollution comes from and where it congregates.


From bags to bottles, some 13 million tons of plastic flows into our oceans every year, according to a 2018 United Nations report. It’s claimed that if this present trend continues, our oceans could contain more plastic than fish by 2050. Marine species ingest or become entangled by plastic debris, sometimes causing injury or even death. The UN says 100,000 marine animals die each year due to plastic pollution related causes.


Plastic hurts the Ocean lives. Now scientists are calling on everyone to rename plastics as toxic waste. Hope people no longer think that plastic is a money-saving solution to all problems. Because plastic is lighter and cheaper, its transportation costs are also lower. But plastic is so cheap because we haven’t considered its environmental costs. Plastic has penetrated every aspect of our lives. It will be in our lives. However, in order to protect the environment, we cannot completely avoid the use of plastics at present, but we should use plastics in suitable places, such as those with long lifespans, that’s the key.

Plastic packaging bags are not a long-lived product, because they are light and cheap, and they have become convenient supplies for people. But most bags are replaced when they are used up, resulting in plastic waste everywhere on the planet.

However, the good news is that after a long period of exploration and research, it is now possible to replace the petroleum-refined plastic film with a film produced from vegetable starch or fiber. These fully degradable plastic bags can be converted into water and carbon dioxide in the soil in a short time. This is a virtuous cycle for the environment.


OEMY Environmental Friendly Packing Company, our entire team has been engaged in packaging design, production, and sales for more than 15 years. Now we change our ideas and methods and vigorously promote and produce packaging bags that no longer pollute the environment. This is also the meaning of our existence. We use PBAT, PLA and other fully degradable films to replace plastics, and even continue to develop and apply new wood pulp and New wood pulp fiber instead of plastics. These materials are all Degradable, Non-toxic, Odorless, High temperature resistant, Highly transparent.


We are professional in making packaging bags; we are at the forefront of the market when making environmentally friendly packaging bags. At this stage, due to the relatively high cost of raw material production, the cost of fully degradable packaging bags is higher than that of ordinary plastic packaging bags. But as mentioned earlier, plastic cannot be so cheap without considering its environmental costs. This is very important.

It’s time to change your plastic packaging bags to biodegradable bags. Welcome to contact OEMY Environmental Friendly Packing Company

Post time: Dec-11-2019


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