The advantages of kraft paper in food packaging

After investigation and research, we found that the packaging of food at this stage is not only for the protection of food, but also for some publicity. There are many kinds of food in supermarkets, and the quality of packaging and the printing quality of packaging also affect consumers’ choice of food to a certain extent. Many food manufacturers choose kraft paper as food packaging material. Compared with other paper packaging, kraft paper has many advantages. For example, using kraft paper to package some foods can look more warm and nostalgic. Some restaurants with wooden decoration style will also choose kraft paper to package the food in the choice of food packaging materials, so that consumers can feel the atmosphere and style of the restaurant even if they are not in the restaurant. Due to the characteristics of kraft paper itself and its good tensile properties, it is widely used in the process of food packaging. Food packaging requires easy portability, so kraft paper has become the best choice for food packaging. In the process of food packaging, the packaging materials not only need to have good anti-stretching properties, but also need to have a certain anti-deformation ability. For liquid packaging, they also need to have a certain ability to prevent water absorption.

OEMY company is a factory specializing in the production of fully degradable composite packaging bags. We make full use of the advantages of kraft paper, combined with the characteristics of fully degradable film, to create excellent compostable food packaging bags. Kraft paper + compostable explanation film, instead of plastic packaging bags, not only realizes the functions of plastic packaging bags, but also does not cause environmental pollution. This is a very environmentally friendly solution.