The characteristics of nut packaging bags and introduction of common bag types

Nut food packaging bags are a small category of dried fruit packaging bags. Nut packaging bags include walnut packaging bags, pistachio packaging bags, sunflower seed packaging, etc. Compared with other dried fruit packaging bags, nut food packaging bags have the following characteristics:

1. Flexible and puncture resistant, to prevent the hard shell of nut food from puncturing the packaging bag.

2. The packaging is more solid, highlighting the high nutrition and quality of nut food.

before. In the nut food packaging bags on the market, we can often see the shadow of aluminum foil: aluminum foil and kraft paper, aluminum foil and transparent film. This should also be a feature of the nut food bag. Next, we recommend several types of nut bags.
1. Three sides seal the nut packaging bag, heat seal half a centimeter on the left and right sides, and heat seal 1 to 2 centimeters on the upper part. The customer puts the nut food into the three-side sealed bag from the bottom, and then heat seals it for half a centimeter.

2. Harmonica bag nut food packaging bag, this is a bag type of nut sunflower seeds using ***, each has left and right sides, large capacity and beautiful shape.

3. The eight-side sealing nut packaging bag, this bag has a three-dimensional sense, can stand on the shelf, and is convenient for sale and consumption by consumers. There are three planes on the side and bottom for color printing of food packaging bags, and there are more places on the front and back to advertise and beautify, which is conducive to promoting the brand and attracting consumer attention.

4. Self-supporting nut food packaging bag, self-supporting bag is also a common bag type in nut food. It can stand on its own, usually with a zipper, it is convenient to carry and eat nuts.

Post time: Jun-17-2020


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