What are the advantages and characteristics of food packaging bags?

1. It can meet the diversified protection requirements of commodities.

Food packaging bags can not only meet the barrier requirements of water vapor, gas, grease, organic solvents and other substances, but also meet customer requirements, such as anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, anti-chemical, etc., and ensure that the food is free of Bacteria, fresh, non-toxic and non-polluting. Greatly improve the shelf life of the goods.

2. Save packaging and transportation costs.

Since most plastic packaging bags are made of soft and light-weight films and sheets, they have the advantages of close-fitting, light-weight packaging materials, and less ineffective areas in the packaging. This is very convenient for the circulation and transportation of goods, transportation costs and rigid packaging. The cost of commodity transportation is greatly reduced.

3. The packaging process is simple, easy to operate and use.

Product manufacturers and packagers can carry out their own packaging work as long as they purchase high-quality food packaging bags. The technical operation is simple and convenient for consumers to open and use.

4. Resources, energy consumption and environmental protection have obvious comparative advantages.

In terms of the type and quantity of resource consumption, food packaging bags have unparalleled advantages among other packaging forms. Because the materials used are light, soft, easy to fold, and easy to package, the recycling and transportation of waste materials are more convenient, and different methods can be used according to the nature of the waste, such as landfill, incineration, decomposition and regeneration. Waste materials.

5. The product is attractive and meets the requirements of product promotion.

For many consumers, food packaging bags are one of the most compatible forms of packaging. Food packaging bags can be made into light-weight, soft and comfortable plastic bag products, suitable for color printing, and can effectively convey product information, so that consumers have a good first impression of the product.

Post time: Jul-31-2021


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