What requirements do qualified dried fruit packaging bags meet?

(1)Must meet the requirements of food packaging materials

Now food safety is very important. The food itself meets the requirements of food safety production, and the packaging must meet the requirements of food packaging materials. Poor quality food bags can cause fatal damage to the product. Thousands of fruits are daily consumed products, so the packaging of dried fruits must comply with QS The need for food safety production.

Five conditions that must be met by the base material of composite materials for dried fruit and food packaging bags:

1. It has an appropriate surface tension, so that the adhesive or another substrate can perform good padding and infiltration on its surface.

2. It has a certain polarity or contains certain memory functional groups, so that the substrate has a better adsorption effect on the adhesive or another substrate.

3. The substrate contains certain specific functional groups, enabling it to form a stronger chemical bond with the adhesive or another substrate.

4. The microscopic surface of the substrate has a certain roughness and porosity, allowing the adhesive or another substrate to penetrate into the void and form a strong mechanical bond.

5. For plastic substrates, the polymer chain should have good flexibility so that the polymer chain or segment has good diffusion ability under the action of higher temperature.

(2) The design should be novel

If a product wants to sell well, good design is essential. Qianguo’s packaging bags need to be designed according to the characteristics of dried fruit, so that customers can understand the product and buy it in time.

(3)Reliable quality

No matter the quality of any product is the most important, the quality of the packaging bag is particularly important. Poor quality packaging will break the bag, which will seriously affect the product and greatly reduce the quality of the product itself. Only by doing the above points can we make qualified dried fruit food packaging bags.

Post time: Mar-15-2023


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