What’s the cloud dragon paper

Cloud dragon paper is special kraft paper,It looks like snow white, with white fluff of swan.This paper is full of artistic texture.


Cloud Dragon Paper is made of mountainous bark, yarn bark, wild plant skin, vegetable gum, etc. The production process is completely processed according to the 21 steps of the ancient hand workshop. The paper fiber is long and its quality is high. It is characterized by extremely high toughness, excellent water absorption and moisture absorption, breath-ability and elasticity. The produced yarn has the characteristics of white paper, fine and soft, strong and strong, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, durable and delicate. Insect-proof, clear fragrance, strong ink absorption, not easy to change color, long-lasting preservation, the characteristics of the human body have a sense of tranquility and tranquility, has become an important contract genealogy written by people of the past and the paper and various packaging of Buddhism and Taoism. Craft paper. The color will remain unchanged for a long time, not rot, and will not be preserved.


Cloud Dragon Paper is widely used in tea packaging, tea cakes, tea medicinal materials, ginseng, velvet, ginseng, food, packaging paper and other various packaging papers and crafts, paintings, books, lanterns, umbrellas, lampshades, paper fans. , kites, moisture and insect proof, handicraft packaging, precision electronic packaging, craft gift box packaging.

OEMY Environmental Friendly Packaging Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer of all kinds of packaging. Such as tea leaf packaging, food packaging, rice packaging , coffee packaging etc. Some of the packaging bags are made of cloud dragon paper. We good at the printing on the cloud dragon paper , the printing looks very beautiful. If you would like your packaging bags to be made of cloud dragon paper, please feel free to contact us.


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Post time: Nov-27-2019


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