Why many packaging bags must be with air valve

The Function of Air valve to the packaging bags.

For coffee beans, feeds and other products that volatile their own gases, the packaging bags of the  products will expand and expand, especially when using composite bags.The gas produced by the continuous fermentation of the product not only changes the shape of the original package, but even burst. The packaging blasting caused serious damage to the manufacturer.


Then the usual solution to this problem is to weld a one-way venting valve on the packaging bag to allow the excess gas in the packaging bag to be smoothly discharged, thereby ensuring the quality of the contents of the packaging bag and eliminating the expansion or bursting of the resulting package. The exhaust valve with a filter screen prevents the powder from being ejected from the bag by filtering the powder in the bag.


The principle of one-way exhaust valve:


When the gas generated by the articles sealed in the bag reaches a certain pressure in the bag, the gas inside to push the valve, and gradually discharges excess gas; when the pressure in the bag is offset to open the valve, The valve closes automatically. And the valve will automatically open only when the pressure inside the bag is higher than the pressure outside the bag, and vice versa, the outside air and water vapor cannot enter the bag.

Other functions of the one-way air valve:
1. Since a one-way venting valve is arranged above the plastic packaging bag, the packaged bag filled with goods is stacked in the process, and the residual air in the lower bag is discharged from the unidirectional row under the gravity of the cargo in the upper packaging bag. The discharge of the valve can improve the stability of the stack and increase the height of the stack.
2. Improve the impact resistance of plastic bags. When the bag full of goods falls at a high place in the moving goods, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve, replacing the shock wave generated by the residual air in the bag, and initially or avoiding the packaging bags burst.

100% biodegradable air valve
OEMY Environmental Friendly Packaging Company have developed 100% biodegradable air valve and expanded mass production. The function of PLA air valve is the same with the PE plastic air valve. But PE plastic air valve could not be degraded , would be pollute to the environment. And the PLA air valve will be degraded when put in the soil, it is no harm for the environment.


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