Why use eco-friendly packaging?

As an e-Commerce business, there are three main reasons to utilize environmentally friendly packaging and processes: sustainability, consumer, and cost.



1.Reducing your carbon footprint is a responsible decision as a business. You want to be aware of how your company is impacting the local and global world around you. Our businesses today are the future for tomorrow. The more sustainable your practices, the longer you can stay in business.

2.Today’s consumer is conscious of their waste. The web allows us to be an interconnected, global world with transparent access to information about how businesses are impacting our future.

Consumers are demanding change.53% of consumers would pay a premium for green products and brands. More over , 86% of American consumers expect companies to be socially – and environmentally -conscious.

Millennial and Gen Z consumers especially expect this level of social responsibility. If your sustainability efforts can appeal to these customers, you’re more likely to gain loyalty and repeat business from this high-ticket audience.

3.In the long run, green packaging and reduced waste actually saves you a significant portion of your profits. Once implemented. These eco-friendly options are actually cheaper and more effective for most online brands. Plus, there are some financial incentives and tax deductions if your business takes certain sustainability measures.

Amazon has shown a commitment to reducing their packaging waste. They try to put as little as possible in their boxes. Sometimes you’ll open an Amazon box and there’s just the product inside without any additional packaging materials. This dedication to green practices is encouraging other online retailers to make leaps and bounds in their Eco-friendliness as well.

Despite these efforts, though , it’s still not enough . If you want to fully optimize on the benefits of being a sustainable company, you need a plan for your brand’s packaging.

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Post time: Oct-23-2019


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