China supplier of square bottom packaging with compostable zipper and air valve

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    square bottom bags
    1. China supplier of square bottom packaging with compostable zipper and air valve
    2. This is not only a packaging bags for coffee . Its carrier of your company's brand, mobile advertising and value communication to your customers. The most importance is that it is environmentally friendly.
    3. What is eight -side -seal packaging bags?

    Eight-side-seal packaging bag get its name from four-side-seal of the body  , and four-side-seal square bottom, making the square bottom to be completely flat  

    It may also be referred to as a box pouch because it resembles a box from the front. This format is an improved variation of the standard stand up pouch. The main difference is that it has five panels sealed together giving you more presentation area. Because the pouch is flexible, it can take up less room in a crowded cupboard space than a rigid format.

    square bottom pouches

    1.The packaging bags made of PLA+PBAT+Kraft paper,  which is compostable materials.

    2.When the packaging bags are out of use, they can be degraded into soil within a year and absorbed by plants. It’s really come from nature and return to nature.

    3.No more pollution to the environment. The world will become better and better.

    The detail data of the biodegradable packaging bags

     Item  China supplier of square bottom packaging with compostable zipper and air valve
    Size&Thickness: Custom based on your requirement
    Ink type: Eco-friendly Food Grade Soy Ink
    Material: PLA+PBAT+Kraft paper
    Feature : 1).Safety Food Grade material & Perfect Printing
    2).Great to prevent leakage, excellent Moisture-Proof
    3).Strong sealing Bottom & Good Display Effect
    Certificates: Compostable certificate can also be made if necessary
    Style Options: Flat Bottom ,  Stand up , side gusset , Zipper Top, With or without Window, Euro Hole , etc.
    Sealing & Handle Heat Seal
    Surface Handling Embossing
    Printing: Copperplate printing,Offset printing
    Color: Up to 10 colors or No printing
    Artwork format: AI,PDF,CDR,PSD,etc,
    MOQ: 10,000pcs
    Price: Based on the product Materials, Dimension, Quantity, Printing colors andother customer’s Requirements (Price posted for reference only )
    Payment: T/T, Paypal,Western Union, Trade Assurance accept
    30% bag cost+100% printing cylinders charge as deposit,70% balancebefore shipment
    Sample: 1). Free & Nice stock samples offered just freight collect
    2). Custom samples 7-15 working days (Send by Express)
    3). Refund Part/Full sample fee after deposit received
    Lead Time: 15-20 working days after design confirmed.
    Port of loading: Huangpu /Shenzhen/, or As per your requirement
    Packing: Export standard packaging cartons/boxes(≤25Kg),as per customized packaging

    The Feature Pictures of Biodegradable Packaging Bags

    square bottom packaging
    square bottom packaging pouches
    square bottom bag easy zipper

    The special feature of the biodegradable packaging bags for dried food.

    1. High quality kraft paper, biodegradable PLA+PBAT film, it’s environmentally friendly and great value.

    2.Accurate text printing, correctly delivering advertising information

    Professional color printing without any overflow

    3.The tightly zipper, made of PLA, which can be opened and closed repeatedly,

    Guarantee the tightness of the bag. Can be degraded in the soil

    4.Strong square bottomwith large carrying capacity. keep every pouch standing up like trained soldiers

    5.Strong tensile. The packaging bag with good tear resistance and durable

    6.Biodegradable air valve, made of PLA too, environmental friendly air valve for coffee bags

    7.Strong gusset side, more space to pack your products

    8.Excellent waterproof performance

    The bag is waterproof and moisture-proof, and it is easy to cope with the low temperature and wet season.

    9.High quality ECO friendly packaging bags for nuts packing. No more pollution to the environment, more clean to the world.

    10.Why choose a square-bottom bag?


    This highly desirable square-bottom bag offers incredible shelf stability due to its sturdy, level bottom. Because the base is flat and secure the flat-bottom bag is the ideal packaging solution for many consumer products such as cereal, rice, coffee, tea or pet food. Premium brands in the pet food, sports nutrition, grains and coffee market sectors are trending rapidly towards this packaging format.

    11.Maximize your packaging marketing real estate and take advantage of all five panels to display your brand and product information!



    The Picture of biodegradable valve for the packaging bags

    Biodegradable air valve

    1.In the market, 99% of the air valves are made of PE plastic, and it takes 1000 years to completely degrade. It is a great harm to the environment. However, the PLA air valve is made of plant material and can be degraded in the soil within 2-3 years. Become water and carbon dioxide absorbed by plants.

    2.It is technically difficult to make an air valve from PLA. This technology is in the hands of a very small number of manufacturers, OEMY company is one of them.

    The recommended size of side packaging bags


    Seed Package

    Flour Package

    Pet Food Package

    Rice Package

    (W*H*Bottom cm)

    9 x 6 x 6





    10 x 15 x 6





    12 x 20 x 8





    14 x 20 x 8





    14 x 22 x 8





    16 x 22 x 8





    16 x 26 x 8





    18 x 26 x 8





    18 x 30 x 10





    20 x 30 x 10





    22 x 31 x 10





    23 x 35 x 10





    30 x 40 x 12





    Can Be Customized As Your Requirements
    The Date In The Table Are Only For Your Reference 

    The Application of packaging bags

    China supplier of square bottom pouch
      1. The square-bottom bag can be used for many food packaging and retail applications. Some of the most common and popular markets include:

      coffee bean,coffee powder ,Tea leaves, Rice, dried fruit, snack food, dried meat, whole grains, tea ,etc.


      2.It's time to change your plastic packaging bags to biodegradable packaging bags. Less pollution to the environment, more green to the world.

    The steps of our sales and production.

    square bottom packaging factory - 副本

    1.OEMY company is specialized in offering bio-degradable packaging solutions for different products.

    2.Client is our first priority . We are dedicated to meeting clients. Demands and putting much resource into R&D. Our mission is to provide the right product and service for our clients.

    3.We have the best machine and the most advanced technologies within the industry to produce the most detailed and high quality products. We ensure that all your requirements will be fulfilled on time.

    4.Our success depends on the support of clients. Your success is our concern! We package your success, your excellent packages start from here.

    Payment and Shipping

    Get customized packaging solution fro your order now.

    Tel & WhatsApp & Wechat :#86+13711875799


    Overview of Workshop

    printing workshop2
    pringting workshop
    bag making workshop3
    bag making workshop
    bag making workshop2
    packing workshop


    Q1:.Are you a manufacturer?
    A: Yes, We are a 15 years manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacture, customization and marketing. Our factory Dongguan City of Guangdong Province.China
    Q2:What information should I let you know about if I want to get a precise quotation?
    A: Bag type, material, size, thickness,Product weight required
    Q3:What Is there any sample charge & is it refundable?
    A: Stock samples for free,but you need pay the freight.
    If you need us to make sample with your design,you need to pay the sample cost. And if place the order in the future and quantity reach certain number,we can return the sample cost to you.
    Q4:Do you have any inspection for the products?
    A: Quality and 100% biodegradable bags is our culture, we attach great importance to quality control from the very beginning of manufacturing,using 100% biodegradable material to make packaging bags, such us PLA , PBAT etc.
    Q5:Are the air valve and zipper of the bags 100% biodegradable?

    A:  Yes.  And the 100% biodegradable air valve and zipper were developed by our technicians.
    Q6:Will you sell the bags with my trademark to other clients?
    A: Absolutely not. We are an established company. We understand that one has copyright in his/its trademark. We respect the right and privacy of our clients and will not disclose to others.

    Q7: What is your delivery period?
    A: Our delivery period is generally within 15-25 days, but the actual delivery period depends on the requirements

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