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  • What is the difference between degradable packaging bags and fully degradable packaging bags?

    The degradable packaging bag means degradable, but the degradable packaging bag is divided into two types: degradable and fully degradable. Degradable packaging bags refer to adding a certain amount of additives (such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizers, biodegraders, ...
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  • 3 Types of Fully Degradable Compostable Stand Up Pouches

    Stand-up pouches have many advantages in improving product grades, enhancing shelf visual effects, portability, ease of use, preservation and sealability. The fully degradable compostable stand-up pouch is laminated by the kraft paper degradable film structure. It can have 2 layers or 3 layers of...
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  • The advantages of kraft paper in food packaging

    The advantages of kraft paper in food packaging

    After investigation and research, we found that the packaging of food at this stage is not only for the protection of food, but also for some publicity. There are many kinds of food in supermarkets, and the quality of packaging and the printing quality of packaging also affect consumers’ ch...
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  • Biodegradable Bag–White Pollution Terminator Release Time

    Biodegradable Bag–White Pollution Terminator Release Time First of all, the degradable plastic bag we call is not a product that can disappear naturally. The so-called degradation requires various external conditions, such as: suitable temperature, humidity, microorganisms and a certain per...
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  • Influencing factors of coffee packaging in the process of circulation

    Influencing factors of coffee packaging in the process of circulation

    The coffee varieties sold on the market mainly include whole coffee beans, coffee powder and instant coffee. Coffee usually passes Fried ice is ground into powder and sold. The four major factors that affect coffee preservation include light, oxygen, humidity, and temperature. Therefore, it is b...
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  • Can biodegradable plastic bags really be biodegradable?

    Can biodegradable plastic bags really be biodegradable? The scarcity of resources and environmental pollution are the main problems that people face when realizing the concept of sustainable development in the 21st century. Biotechnology will become one of the core technologies to solve this prob...
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  • Detailed explanation of various uses of PE in packaging materials

    A kind of packaging bag not only contains the sealed product, but also isolates the product from the outside world so as to protect the product.    In addition, the packaging material itself and the molecules of the product react with each other to cause the product to deteriorate, which has be...
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  • Why are PVC packaging bags widely used?

    The main reason why PVC has these two advantages is its production process. The production process of PVC bags is not complicated. The general production line is generally composed of a roller press, a printing press, a back coating machine and a cutting machine. The thin film is consumed togethe...
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  • What are the advantages and characteristics of food packaging bags?

    1. It can meet the diversified protection requirements of commodities. Food packaging bags can not only meet the barrier requirements of water vapor, gas, grease, organic solvents and other substances, but also meet customer requirements, such as anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-electromagnetic ra...
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  • How to buy food packaging bags correctly?

    With the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s requirements for food are naturally higher and higher. In addition to three meals a day, the consumption of snacks across the country is also amazing. From morning to night, we wi...
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  • What is the difference between a fully biodegradable plastic bag and a degradable plastic bag?

    In daily life, the use of plastic bags is very large, and there are many types of plastic bags. As an ordinary consumer, you may only pay attention to whether plastic bags are good-looking, durable or not, and seldom pay attention to the material of plastic bags and the harm to the environment af...
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  • Points to note when choosing frozen food bags

    1. Hygiene: From a safety perspective, packaging materials that are in direct contact with food, such as plastic packaging bags. Due to the frozen food bags and transportation process, it is often difficult to ensure that the entire process is in a coherent low-temperature environment, especially...
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